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The Legend of The Pondarowsa  by  Lonesome Charlie

The Legend of The Pondarowsa by Lonesome Charlie
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In the spring of 1845, Canada’s largest and most famous wagon train, pulled out of Toronto heading for the untamed wilderness in north-eastern Ontario. The emigrant’s leader was Ben Timberman, a man that had dreams of building a new life and legacy for his family.The going was slow as the group had to continually turn a footpath into a passable road for their conestoga wagons.

The group fell short of their destination, and had to hunker down for the winter on the shores of the French River. The following spring, they pointed their wagon north again and within a few weeks they reached their goal. However, their journey was not without death, sorrow and surprises.The emigrants built a town and carved out sections of land for themselves. Ben Timberman’s land was over 600 square miles in size. He called his spread “The Pondarowsa” and his ranch was located on the shores of Big Bear Lake.

The Timberman’s carved out a financial empire for themselves, which consisted of cattle, logging, mining and hauling freight.With so much activity happening, the area attracted new families, business owners and outlaws. The town grew, but unfortunately so did lawless activity. With no real law, Ben stood to loose the most. Finally, he had enough and hired an ex-U.S. Marshal, along with his special deputies out of Colorado. These regulators were going to bring their own brand of justice to the town, and Ben was prepared to look the other way.In the end, the Pondarowsa went to war against a neighbouring rancher to save itself.

The outcome was swift and deadly as Ben rode with a posse of over 70 men.

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