Antibody Jesse Russell

ISBN: 9785510558579

Published: March 5th 2012


136 pages


Antibody  by  Jesse Russell

Antibody by Jesse Russell
March 5th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 136 pages | ISBN: 9785510558579 | 7.21 Mb

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! An antibody, also known as an immunoglobulin, is a large Y-shaped protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody recognizes a unique part of the foreign target, termed an antigen. Each tip of the Y of an antibody contains a paratope (a structure analogous to a lock) that is specific for one particular epitope (similarly analogous to a key) on an antigen, allowing these two structures to bind together with precision.

Using this binding mechanism, an antibody can tag a microbe or an infected cell for attack by other parts of the immune system, or can neutralize its target directly (for example, by blocking a part of a microbe that is essential for its invasion and survival). The production of antibodies is the main function of the humoral immune system.

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