Dead Money Rich Kazlausky


Published: November 29th 2014

Kindle Edition

376 pages


Dead Money  by  Rich Kazlausky

Dead Money by Rich Kazlausky
November 29th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 376 pages | ISBN: | 3.38 Mb

Greed, lust, murder…and 8 million dollars!Charles Austin lands the job of his dreams only to discover criminal activities that reach to the highest level of the company. Rich, an outsider also hired by Charles’ CEO, makes suspicious changes to Charles accounts. Charles fears he will be set up as the fall guy, but what can he do to protect himself and his family?The brutal murder of his boss, and the sudden absence of Rich, who he needs to explain the alterations to the financial accounts makes Charles the number one person of interest for the murder.Learning that the mysterious Rich has disappeared, the police set up a nationwide “all points bulletin” for him, but make it clear that Charles is still their primary suspect—a man they believe to be controlled by greed to murder his own employer.Charless wife Emily, an insatiable sex addict, insists that Charles locate the money and flee with it to a foreign country where she will later join him.

Staging a divorce from Charles to throw police off the scent, Emily returns to her lustful secret life—a life of lurid sexual encounters with many deviant characters.Will Rich track down Charles and keep the money for himself? Can Emily control her sexual addiction, to not only care for her son Jack, but also reunite with Charles? Greed… Lust… Obsession… Deceit… and Murder lead to a surprise ending—climaxed by a delicious retribution!Does crime pay?

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