Its Your Turn Roger Susanna Greta

ISBN: 9780803704350

Published: September 30th 1987


32 pages


Its Your Turn Roger  by  Susanna Greta

Its Your Turn Roger by Susanna Greta
September 30th 1987 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 32 pages | ISBN: 9780803704350 | 4.60 Mb

This is a cute story. Roger doesnt see why he should help with chores, specifically setting the table. When his uncle says why dont you find out what other families do, he says ok, I will and storms out. He tries every apartment and family in the building and isnt really happy with any of the food or eating arrangements. Finally a wonderful smell reaches him and he follows it back to his house where his uncle has taken his turn setting the table and Roger says hell do his uncles turn tomorrow.

He is happily biting into corn on the cob as the story ends. Hmm. Maybe Ill pick up some corn on the cob today...I didnt especially feel that there was much to the story other than the lesson that there is a reason to do chores since it is balanced out by the niceness of your family and of your house. And I didnt feel as though the lesson was all that well taught. It got mixed up with Roger not liking the other familys food choices or eating arrangements.However, it is a sweet story and some people will love it.

It would do to use as part of a food story time, certainly. I think a friend mentioned this book when we were trying to think of books with apartment living.

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