Intercept (Mack Bedford, #2) Patrick Robinson



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Intercept (Mack Bedford, #2)  by  Patrick Robinson

Intercept (Mack Bedford, #2) by Patrick Robinson
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When an appeals court judge frees four of the most dangerous al-Qaeda terrorists on earth from Guantanamo Bay. The CIA field officers track them back to Pakistans North West Frontier mountain range, but disaster overtakes them, and the four men vanish, only to rejoin the dark and mysterious forces trained by Osama bin Laden high in the Hindu Kush. These are men with hatred in their hearts, and they are sworn to hit back at the United States, which imprisoned so many of their high command.A fateful communication from the mountains of the Afghan side of the border is intercepted by Britains secret surveillance station on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Al-Qaeda is almost certainly planning a brand-new hit on the US mainland. The CIA is at its wits end--its greatest fears coming home to roost.Retired Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Mack Bedford is called in to assist on one of the most highly classified missions ever launched from CIA headquarters. Bedford names his price, and once more, his nobility is spun into a breathtakingly fast action novel.

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