Book of Thieves (Chronicles of Tiralann, #2.2) Sara Reinke



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Book of Thieves (Chronicles of Tiralann, #2.2)  by  Sara Reinke

Book of Thieves (Chronicles of Tiralann, #2.2) by Sara Reinke
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Twenty years have passed since the events in BOOK OF DAYS and now a new and even darker evil is threatening the land. The Shadow Stone, an ancient and indomitable talisman has been discovered, and its dark sentience is awakening, searching for a chosen soul to bear it. Throughout history, the Stone grants each of its bearers command of one natural element: earth, air, fire or water.

These forces once helped to create the world, and through the Shadow Stone, legends say they will be used to destroy it. Kaevir Macleod, son of a disenfranchised nobleman and frequent guest of many a fine county jail, is an unlikely choice to be the bearer of such a powerful totem. The mastermind behind one of the midrealms most notorious band of highway bandits, Kaevir also hardly seems the sort to help prevent a royal assassination, overthrow a violent revolt, rescue a kidnapped queen, stage a prison break and restore peace and order once more to the realm.

But sometimes heroes are found in the most unlikely of characters.

Enter the sum

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